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Technical Description 

The salt spray chamber is made from polyester glass laminate. It is a corrosion-proof, self-supporting device consisting of two modules wich can be separated to facilitate transport, inspection and maintenance. The width of 860 mm enables them to be carried through standard doors. 

The number of  controls is optimal, making the operation extremely easy. For temperature control, use is made of advanced microprocessor control units. The heating cables are switched on by semiconducting, silent relays. The added advantage of these cables is self-limitation of temperature. Insulation between the bath and the housing reduces energy demend to a minimum. The large volume brine tank facilitates tests of long duration. Inside the bath there are shelves suitable for placing a grid for the tested samples. A large lid enables easy access to the testing space for convenient placement of samples or maintenance. 

The top of the machine module is conveniently shaped for placing small objects, e.g. a notebook.




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